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What happens when a Kid from Philadelphia becomes friends with some of his childhood music legends? Lion Powda's unique and adventurous life have lead to a blend of Music just as varied. Caribbean Rhythms, Rock to Soulful Blues and Latin. He will tell you stories and jokes about the people and places that make up his life's soundtrack. 


Lion Powda’s love of music has been a lifetime experience which initially began with performing and has now resulted in producing, writing, singing and studio work for not only his band but also for a variety of local and international musical artists. His formal introduction into Reggae began during his travels while in Argentina. While living and performing in Argentina he met and became lifetime friends with the founding members of “Big Bambu”. This friendship with David Sandez (EL DEIVID), Walter "Araña" Arricau (Humanidub,Dancing Mood, Negusa, Rockadelicos) and Diego Gonzalez (Dancing Mood, Dread Mar-I) has resulted in years of collaborative musical work.

In 2000 Lion Powda's Journey to Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica would inevitably change his life because he became no longer a visitor to this Caribbean paradise but a local. Eating, living, and absorbing the Caribbean vibrations and understand the plight of the local community. With these new experiences Lion Powda’s music grew and expanded to reflect a fusion. His sound reflects a truly Caribbean fusion by blending together: Reggae, Rock, Latin, Blues and World beats all combined in perfect synchronicity. While in Costa Rica, Lion Powda served as lead guitarist for the Trinity Roots Band, his friendship with Trinity impacted not only his guitar skills but, in fact it was Trinity himself who bestowed the name Lion Powda.



Upon his return to the USA, Lion Powda was introduced to Macasea Bey and Ronnie Butler which led him down an incredible musical journey. Their introduction of Lion Powda to the lead singers to the band they were in, Israel Vibration, led to him being welcomed into Lion and Fox Studios during the recording of the album: Jericho. Cecil "Skelly" Spence and Lascelle "Wiss" Bulgin took Lion through the legendary hallways. Introducing the then 21 year old Lion Powda to Jim Fox, and another reggae Legend Sly Dunbar.


Lion Powda is a former member of the Philadelphia Reggae powerhouse Axum. He was a founding member of The Philadelphia Roots band Moses Livingston and the Raggamuffins. Lion was a member of The Trinity Roots Band (Costa Rica), Lion Powda Played Guitar on Gappy Ranks Vp Records Release "Good People".  He worked with Costa Rebel Studios (Costa Rica) and has done session work for other producers and artists.


Lion Powda’s music has been well received on an international scale, having reached music lovers in England, France, Japan, Zimbabwe, Costa Rica and Argentina.



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